Perspectives on metadata. Digital edition & preservation.

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Conference Topic

Multiple perspectives on metadata

Conference Introduction

Due to ongoing digitization processes, the topic of structuring and modelling content is increasingly being discussed and new approaches are being developed.

Digital Asset Management Systems support users in analyzing, retrieving, processing, filing and citing structured information sources. From a technological perspective, XML-based systems are particularly well-suited for flexible and metadata-enriched methods of asset storage: The primary data content is augmented with additional descriptive elements by making use of modelling standards and markup languages. This facilitaties a multifaceted digital representation of knowledge as well as data interoperability. Unlike other platforms (e.g. Content- or Learning Management Systems), Digital Asset Management Systems place importance on the sustainability of digital assets as well as flexible long-term accessibility and controlled authorization.

The conference will investigate multiple approaches to metadata strategies and discuss how these can support digital edition and preservation projects. On the one hand, metadata hold well-structured administrative, descriptive, technical and long-term preservation information about assets, while on the other hand, they present a domain specific semantic relevance that is embedded in the content of an asset. The conference will cover a range of topics including:

• Ontology based metadata specifications
• Markup language based edition strategies
• Metadata Quality Assurance
• Metadata and IPR
• Metadata harvesting protocols & incorporation


The conference aims at attracting an audience from diverse backgrounds, such as research, libraries and archives, education and documentation. Prior knowledge about various kinds of (digital) edition and long-term preservation strategies for digital content is recommended but not required.


The Venue: Faculty of Law, University of Vienna

University of Vienna | Dr.-Karl-Lueger-Ring 1 | 1010 Vienna | T +43 1 4277 17575